Heygo Farewell Message

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Heygo Farewell Message

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Recently the now defunct Heygo platform owners sent out an email saying a final goodbye. While rather redundant, the true nature of the message is to encourage people to sign up for 2 email lists. One of them is a link to a personal email list so those who wish to can keep up with what the owner is working on now.

The second link however takes you to a page with a list of guides that the owner wishes to promote via an email list:

A special shoutout goes to the guides who were a cornerstone of our community. A few of them will continue to run tours on Facebook or Youtube and you can follow their journey: Follow their journey ("Follow their journey" is a link to the mailing list)

Clicking on the link in the email reveals this very interesting paragraph:

Thanks for showing your support to a guide led effort to keeping our fabulous community of voyagers and content creators. We are aiming to have something we can share with you very soon. In the meantime, please can you help us by filling in this very short form. It will allow me to keep all the contact info in one place and be compliant with data protection laws. I and other members of the guides collective will use this to update you what is happening and opportunities to get involved.

I did not realize there even was a "guides collective" but it all makes sense. There was a type of low-level hostility for those of us on Heygo who were not professional guides, even though many of those live streamers have high subscriber and view numbers on their other platform content. After a period of interaction on Slack with those professional guides I realized they have virtually no experience with live streaming and I found the discussion pointless, IMO.

Many of us have been doing travel/POI live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope/Twitter for years before Heygo and now continuing to do so after Heygo. As far as I know there is no way for those of us in that category to have our respective channels added to this list. Of course this email is a do-not-reply type but apparently the heygo.com domain is still active. So an ICANN lookup should reveal a contact person should you wish to respond and request that your channels be added to the "guides collective" mailing list.

Of course, John at Heygo can do whatever he wants. But this is yet another example of how some have been deliberately excluded from further opportunities because they didn't meet some unspecified criteria. This situation is far too common in this business (I'm looking at YOU Happs!)
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