Help for using Live Webcams for a Collage

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Help for using Live Webcams for a Collage

Post by Lentin___ »

Hello out there, maybe I'm in the right place: I would need technical advice for an upcoming art project.
Installation setup:
A beamer connected to a computer project four zoomed-in excerpts from a freely accessible live transmission of an internet webcam from public places. The excerpts are to be displayed as tiles next to each other on a wall of an exhibition space. The live videos come from different webcam websites on the internet.
Does anyone have an idea how I can technically implement this with the help of a suitable program so that I can project the different video clips live next to each other?

Would be very grateful for any tip!

Kind regards

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Re: Help for using Live Webcams for a Collage

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Sorry for the late response to your post!

If you just want 4 streams to come into a computer and place them on the screen for projecting, I would use OBS and size the video sources how you want it to look. Since the webcams are publicly available, you can use HTML sources in OBS.
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