3 Forums Are Now Defunct!

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3 Forums Are Now Defunct!

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Wow, this really shows how volatile the livestreaming scene really is! Since this site started (and it's not yet been 3 whole years) we have lost:



Reddit RPAN

That is really saying something.

But what strikes me is the fact that many of have been talking about the mis-management of these platforms. In the case of Happs, it was clear that they were not sustainable. RPAN was too woke to have survived. You cannot ban people because they offend you personally (like they did with me). Heygo was a mess. Too much drama.

I knew Happs was in trouble when the CEO and the lead developer were on a stream together. I was thinking to myself "these guys act like they've never live streamed before) then the developer said "this is the first time I've seen the app outside of the development environment." It was at that moment I realized that Happs was doomed. They don't use their own product and have no idea what their customers need.

We'll see what develops in the near future.
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