Hardware Solution?

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Hardware Solution?

Post by sephirothrob »

Good evening all,

Looking for a solution to my problem.

I am a singer songwriter looking to get into streaming online. I currently have a steinberg UR22C interface which has dsp effects built in but for reasons unknown is refusing to play well with windows 11.

Either way i'm looking to upgrade now and i'm lost in a sea of google results and hoping someone has/does something similar. Looking for something that can take a mic input, guitar and has built in effects to avoid having to route through a daw. I'd also like the ability to turn the effects off in the event of a talking session preferably at the push of a button.

I had considered a rodecaster pro 2 but hear bad things about monitoring latency being quite large on it and not even sure if it would be able to do what i'd like.

May occasionally do some game streaming as well so being able to have my game/desktop audio, as well as the mic mixed would be beneficial.

Can anyone recommend something or a combination of things to achieve this?

Single PC setup (windows)
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Re: Hardware Solution?

Post by MJKlein »

Hi @sephirothrob and welcome to the forum. There are quite a few mixers with rudimentary FX built into them that are made for livestreaming. However, when you say you are looking for DSP effects I assume that you are looking for something to put on the guitar and vocal channels as musical effects. This narrows down the list considerably because most streamers are gamers/podcasters and they like what used to be called "sound effects" such as audience sounds, cinematic hits, etc.

There are basically 2 ways to go:

1. Use a music mixer that has the sound you want and then send it's output to the USB interface you currently have. In your case you would have to get after Steinburg to make the mixer work with Windows 11.

2. Get some kind of mixer that does what you want and has it's own USB port.

There are newer units out there such as the Flow 8: https://www.behringer.com/product.html?modelCode=P0DNM

We have a sister site for Behringer support (we are not affiliated with Behringer or Music Tribe) and here is the link to the Flow 8 forum: https://behringer.world/viewforum.php?f=40

Some have been using the Tascam Model 12 for live streaming and YouTube videos. I am a moderator at the Tascam Forums and you are welcome to ask questions about the Model 12 there: https://www.tascamforums.com/forums/model-24-16-12.73/ I hesitate to steer you in some way but as a moderator on the form I read all of the posts and there are many posts about USB connection/configuration issues with the Model 12.

You may want to post questions to those other forums and see what you get for recommendations.

Please let us know what you have found! Thanks for joining the Livestreaming Technology Forums!
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