I Was Using Kick, But Now I'm Not

Live streaming platform that competes directly with Twitch
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I Was Using Kick, But Now I'm Not

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I you look at my Kick channel page you will see that I have had zero views since I began (with the exception of a few views where I was checking the video quality).


Given the complexity and general obstacles to live streaming to Kick (see below) I've decided to just not stream there anymore.

1. No native mobile app. 3rd party encoder required.
2. 3rd part chat box: https://kick-chat.corard.tv/
3. RTMP only - no SNS connection with apps like PRISM Live Studio
4. Unable to change the stream title without going to the website, which is difficult to do with a mobile browser.

Since there is no SNS login, I have to place a separate chat box on my screen and it takes up a lot of real estate. Often, it just displays "connecting" in the chat box and remains unusuable. If Kick allowed SNS login from PRISM, then the chat would be captured in the main chat box and would not require it's own (this is similar to the situation with D-live, which was also a failure for me).

While Kick is a technically excellent platform, it's basically like Twitch and caters to professionally oriented live streamers and also hosts content that was deemed too risqué for some other platforms, meaning that you are more likely to see content that may be offensive. This is a consideration when asking people to view my streams on Kick. Even though my streaming there does not align me with that kind of content, I wouldn't recommend that my friends view the streams there. I intended to stream to Kick for current Kick users to view.

Oh well, another one bites the dust for me.
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