How To Stream To Kick On A Mobile Device with PRISM Live Studio

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How To Stream To Kick On A Mobile Device with PRISM Live Studio

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I recommend PRISM Live Studio for mobile. The following can also apply to other mobile encoders for the most part.

Kick is RTMP only. There is no mobile app. Once logged in, you need to head over to your Creator Dashboard and look at the streaming settings on a desktop web browser:

On the left panel you will find your stream URL and Stream Key under Settings: "Stream Key"

Once you have this information you can set up a new RTMP stream destination in PRISM.

Next go to your stream settings: and on the right hand panel, select "Edit Stream." This is where you change the stream title. You can also set the category and also set the 18+ Mature switch if you are doing 18+ content.

The issue with streaming to Kick with a mobile RTMP encoder is that you have to use a mobile web browser if you are in the field and want to change the title. Depending upon your phone and browser, some have found this to be difficult. In my case, I just used a very generic title that describes what I generally do, rather than a specific title. I have observed that many live streams on Kick have the same exact title over and over, however the thumbnails and the dates are different so users can differentiate between the videos on playback.

Another issue with RTMP streaming to Kick (as opposed to SNS login/connection) is that you cannot capture the comments natively in PRISM Live Studio (or any other encoder for that matter). So, if you want to see the comments and interact with them (which is the whole point of live streaming) you will have to go to the following site to configure a 3rd party chat box for your channel:

Once you have done that, you can set up a Web widget in PRISM Live Studio and enter the URL provided by the chat box setup page above.

On a side note, it seems interesting that there is no login for the chat box configurator. Apparently, one could enter any channel name and configure a chat box that would display the chat for that channel. No idea why anyone would want to do that, but I'm saying it appears to be possible.

A drawback of this Web widget chat box is that there is no way to display the chat to the streamer while making it invisible to the viewers. Some live streamers do not want their video to be cluttered with chat burned on the video. That is perfectly understandable and PRISM Live Studio mobile can display chat from all the SNS connected destinations without burning them on the video. Unfortunately, with any Web widget, if the streamer can see it, so can the viewers.

Before live streaming, add the Kick Chat Box Overlay from the studio, size and position to your liking. Be sure and set Kick RTMP before pressings the Go Live button in PRISM Live Studio.

If you have any questions, please reply to this post.
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