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Prism Lens

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Hi all,

I have an issue with the Prism Lens app on Win PC, I manage to connect the camera from the mobile phone, the camera is showing in the Lens app on my PC but for some reason the motion picture is not showing in the main screen in the Prism Live Studio, where I have added Prism Mobile and Lens as source. The funny thing is that audio gets recorded, but no video.
Anyone had the same? I have tried reinstalling to no avail but maybe there is something I am missing?
I would be very thankful for any input, I am stuck!
Jake Song
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Re: Prism Lens

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Hi NewEra,
My name is Jake from the PRISM team.

Your situation appears to be an error situation. Sorry for your inconvenience.
In order to check the cause of the error, we need additional information about your streaming environment.
Please reach out to us at

Thank you.
Jake song.
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