Hello from Sicily (briefly!)

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Hello from Sicily (briefly!)

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Hello all,

MJKlein introduced this forum to me from a Behringer-focused one. My name is Dion Houston, I am in the U.S. Army, currently in Sicily, but will return to Washington State in July.

My goal with regards to streaming is to better understand it for ministry. Both my home church in Hawaii (Mililani Presbyterian Church) and my local chapel stream services. I come from a photography and software engineering background - translating that to videography and streaming is a bit of a challenge.

Ultimately, my goal is the ability to set up live-streaming for whatever church or event I may be called to, whether or not there is existing infrastructure.

Right now, my streaming gear is an original YoloBox connected to my OMDS OM-1 camera. For audio, I have everything from a shotgun mic, to wireless lavaliers, to (currently in my chapel) a wireless bridge connected to an X32 Compact mixer.

I look forward to hearing more about the ways you stream! Thanks for having me on this board.
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Re: Hello from Sicily (briefly!)

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Welcome! We don't get a lot of questions but thousands of people browse the site for information that's been left by others. You're welcome to post your questions, comments and experiences. Thank you for joining!
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