The Red Dot 🔴 That Can Get You Views

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The Red Dot 🔴 That Can Get You Views

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It's a simple thing really, the little 🔴 at the beginning of a video title.

I was watching a live streaming musician and when I clicked on the video, I was rather surprised to find out that the live stream had ended and that I was watching a replay. But, how did I get fooled?

This: 🔴

At the beginning of the title, it looks like a "live" indicator! Check this out:

🔴 #Latenight With MJ Klein

That make the title look like a live stream - which it is, but, it also makes the replay look live too!

I have added this little 🔴 to the titles of roughly the last 100 live streams I've done. I'm not trying to deceive anyone into thinking that I'm live at that very moment, but that wouldn't hurt my views. The fact is, I do live streaming almost exclusively, so this little 🔴 tells my viewers that the video is a live stream, but not necessarily live at that moment. I do not add that dot to uploaded videos.

I've posted many of those dots here, so feel free to copy them and use them in your titles right at the beginning. Be sure and let me know how this little tip works out for you!
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