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Current streaming viewing

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I have been watching IRL at Twitch. Where I see @Daveinosaka , @kenrod’sCoffeeBreak , and @MJKlein streams. If I want to chat with other viewing chatters I switch over to YouTube.

I participated in Heckle. A fine assortment of former periscopers are there. The Android version is being worked on by Simon.

So many streaming platforms and so little time to view. If I seem to abandon you all -- I haven't. Best wishes to all. I shall be lurking your streams when I find them live otherwise through replay. 😊
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Re: Current streaming viewing

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Yeah, we all understand @DeanSMS. Everything is spread out and also with things opening up, we've all noticed a drop in views. People are going outside instead of traveling virtually through live streaming (with the exception of the ones who lack mobility). We'll be seeing you around man. Thanks.
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