Tip-Sponsored Content vs: Free Content

Tip supported live tour platform. Streamers are called "Guides" and viewers are called "Voyagers."
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Tip-Sponsored Content vs: Free Content

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Heygo is really great. All live streaming platforms should have done this in the beginning, with cash money from tips and not devalued coins, or useless VIP programs. I just hope its not too little, too late.

The content I'm seeing on Heygo (in the short time that I've been watching) is becoming more and more "YouTube" like. People don't have to pay for YouTube, and its my opinion that the more non tour/destination types of content there is on Heygo the more it will blur the lines between Heygo and the other platforms, which are loaded with free content. There is even more of the tour/destination type content on YouTube than you can imagine and its growing exponentially. But most of that is edited videos and the strength of Heygo is the live aspect.

https://www.youtube.com/c/SabbaticalTommy for example, pretty much blows any Heygo guide out of the water. He speaks at least 7 languages and has incredible knowledge of every place he visits. He's an excellent presenter, and the content is never about him. Personally, I would not be inclined to join a Heygo tour featuring any place that Tommy has been, even though Tommy's videos are not live streamed.

Some Heygo guides are expats who don't integrate into the society and culture where they live (I've seen this in many countries across SE Asia). They don't speak the local language (having no intention of learning it) and they aren't really "local." So they often resort to doing things at home, or making things about them rather than the destination because it is difficult for them to interact with local people who don't speak the language of the expat. Heygo was designed to present places around the world, and I think they probably didn't have someone's kitchen in mind as a destination or cooking or talk shows as content. There is nothing wrong with that type of content, but (mark my words) the more YouTube-like Heygo gets, the more those tips will dry up. I do talk shows on YouTube but I would really have to seriously think about doing that kind of content on Heygo. If I owned Heygo, I would review the impact of non tour/destination content, which is really off topic.
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