What Is Video Streaming?

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What Is Video Streaming?

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Video streaming is a technology that allows for the transfer of video content from the Internet to users, similar to the way a web browser transfers HTML content to users. That is, the video content is "streamed" from the site hosting the material. For most streaming media, the video content is made available using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, or HTTP. In addition to the content of the video stream, the originating site also provides metadata to the client, such as the resolution and bit rate of the video stream.
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Re: What Is Video Streaming?

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Hi @madelynariana. I've allowed your post after sanitizing it of the spam link. We don't want people coming here to make posts that drive traffic to their own sites talking about Live Streaming Technology.

You are welcome to post here, start and join discussions but you won't be allowed to spam the forum.
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