Live Streaming on the Insta360 One X2

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Live Streaming on the Insta360 One X2

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Live streaming on the One X2 with the mobile app is a less-than-desirable compromise. The camera works well enough, but titling the live stream is very limited. A cleverly crafted title (that may include emojis) is very important for attracting views. But the app is limited to a very small number of characters - far lower than what YouTube and Facebook allow. Can we please get 100 characters for the Title and 5,000 characters for the Description? That aligns with YouTube and Facebook capability.

Also, since the beginning of YouTube and Facebook live streaming implementation there has been an API for each platform to intercept and display comments on the stream. When I live stream on the app, I have to use a second device to see the comments. The Insta360 videos that show people live streaming with the One X2 appear to be typical narcissists who are not concerned with viewer comments. They show what they are doing but couldn't be be bothered with what people are saying to them. That is not how the vast majority of us operate when live streaming. Can we please get comments displayed within the app so we don't have to further strain the main device and limit bandwidth with a hotspot setup for a second device (or get a second SIM card just to read comments)?

The truth is, I would love to have PRISM LIVE STUDIO add external camera capability (I mean not via USB).
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