Friending Guides and Voyagers on Facebook

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Friending Guides and Voyagers on Facebook

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Normally, I accept friend requests from Heygo Voyagers and Guides, as a matter of courtesy. But lately I've been having issues with Guides bothering me about their services. I had a random guy in India DM me on FB Messenger asking me if I would be going to India anytime soon. I politely told him no, not in the foreseeable future, thank you for the information, etc.. He messaged me again this week with another ad for his services. I told him straight away to stop bothering me with about his services. I muted him and told him so.

At this point I am going to stop accepting requests from Guides because they are not my customers and I can't think of a good reason to befriend them.

The Voyagers seem to be OK but some of them are needy and, unfortunately, quite a few of them have serious medical issues and their FB feeds are a nothing more than a constant barrage of complaints about how things are not going well for them. Also, there are a lot of political memes that I couldn't care less about. I recommend unfollowing those people (they won't know it) because we all have enough negativity in our lives already.
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